Previous Winners

We are happy for the opportunity to feature so many incredible companies over the past years and witness their successes.


The 2023 winner(s) will be elected in the grand finale taking place Oct. 5, during DxPx EU 2023!

Personalized medicine made simple with artificial intelligence.

The Future of Cell and Gene Therapy is Automated

Limula offers a modular solution for on-demand and at-scale manufacturing of cell therapies in a single device.

Better blood collection for the future of healthcare.

With the Cinna™, we are closing the gap in at-home testing”


Esya utilizes patented intracellular analytics utilizing DNA nanoprobes and AI to diagnose Alzheimer’s Disease before symptoms are exhibited.

Real-time monitoring for anastomotic leaks with Origin, by FluidAI, uses sensors and AI algorithms to detect changes in the characteristics of fluids within the surgical site, providing real-time alerts to clinicians for early intervention.

Toku Eyes has created a multi-modal AI platform that uses retinal images to provide instant healthcare diagnostics, personalized prognostics, and general health risk assessments, screening for preventable blindness and cardiovascular disease risk.

We are committed to transforming how we monitor blood sugar to improve the lives of diabetics and, in the future, help people prevent diabetes.
A biotech company offering proprietary high throughput cellular and tissue nano-organization technology to accelerate R&D in pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic (PFC) industries
At Dermagnostix, we pioneer molecular tests to advance clinical practice and improve patients’ lives.
By continuous real-time in-vivo monitoring, Fertigo increases the success rates of IVF treatments, determining the patient’s uterus readiness to implantation.
mk2 Biotechnologies develops, produces and investigates peptides using a revolutionary synthesis technology. Our innovative process allows the scalable and thus cost-efficient production of high-purity peptides for a broad range of applications.
We empower our clients in life science to establish biological knowledge through efficient reliable solutions and workflows that set the standard for protein analysis. Our team spirit, energy and commitment empower us to be creative and quality focused. A trusted partner with deeply rooted scientific experience.
Sleepiz is a certified Swiss medical device manufacturer and a spinoff of ETH Zurich. The company has been developing medical devices for the contactless medical measurement of sleep and breathing-related diseases since 2018.
FastFinder is intelligent software that tracks your sample throughout the workflow, reduces manual steps, ensures your assays are analyzed consistently and cuts data analysis time by 50% or more.

Meet our first ever 42PLUS1 winner – Alertgy

Alertgy, presented by the CEO Marc Rippen, has developed a 100% non-invasive, real-time, real blood glucometer that lasts a long time. As a cutting-edge biotech company, they’re working to revolutionize the way diabetics and pre-diabetics manage their diabetes.