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253 registrations, 8 finalists, 12 jurors; 4 WINNERS! 👏🏆💰


Our heartiest congrats to the most devoted and dedicated competitors.
During the grand finale, our 8 finalists pitched it out at the DxPx Conference EU 2021,
hosted at the Maritim Hotel in Dusseldorf, on Nov. 16th 2021.
Their endeavors and commitment are finally paid off!

Meet all 8 of our Finalists:


  • + $2,000,000 in Funding!


  • Disrupting technology and moving in the fields of Diagnostics, Digital Dx, Precision Medicine or Life Science Tools ​
  • In early-stage development (from Seed to Series A project stage, from prototype to already certified products)​
  • Combining an entrepreneurial spirit with the analytical minds of life science enthusiasts, enabling innovations on a daily basis​

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Hey, did you know that at the final pitch ceremony will be taking over the stage of the DxPx World Series Conference?​

It is an amazing opportunity cause you’ll be given the chance to network with peers, investors & our Industries’ Leaders.​

  • The finalists will be given a FREE Ticket for the whole event; 8 days digital partnering, 1 day on-site.​
  • ALL applicants, are awarded with a 20% voucher for submitting the pitch, should they choose to attend the DxPx Conference. No strings attached.

The Magnitude of the DxPx Galaxy

Most of the galaxies are 1,000 to 100,000 parsecs in diameter​

Applying [on its own!] enables you to connect with Investors and Industry Partners from around the globe!​

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Travel to the DxPx Galaxy and end up where you need to be.

The startup universe is big.Really big.

This is why we focus on the DxPx Galaxy made of four planets: Diagnostics, Precision Medicine, Digital Health and Life Science Tools. The competition in this Galaxy is tough and each planet poses huge challenges for the inhabitants. If you want to make it in the world of Diagnostics, Precision Medicine, Digital Health and Life Science Tools, 42PLUS1 can help. This is why we take your startup on a journey through the DxPx Galaxy and provide the one answer to the challenges of today‘s founders.

Visibility on & off the stage.

Each application is reviewed by at least a dozen VCs and industry executives. We even share their feedback. If you make it on stage, we dedicate a 13 minute live pitch to your vision. We can guarantee that a huge crowd of renowned decision makers with genuine interest will attend your pitch!

Win over $2,000,000.

You’re not dreaming. 8 selected startups will compete at our DxPx Flagship Conference for at least $2,000,000. The funding will be granted to the three winners as convertible loan to build further value for the next financing round. Don’t miss the opportunity to give your startup a decisive boost!

Become one of our stars.

Each applicant is offered the opportunity to be featured in our network. Our stage divers will be actively promoted and get a dedicated spot in our DxPx Conference Brochure, made available to several thousands of investors, who frequently visit our Galaxy.

What's in it for you?Other than winningover $2,000,000?

Supporting startups and growth companies is what drives us at DxPx – we want you to make a real difference and accelerate your business! This is why we offer you the stage and attention from industry partners and investors that your ideas deserve. Save yourself a lot of time and pitch in front of renowned investors and decision makers, who deeply care about our DxPx Galaxy. There’s not only magic happening, but also money to win, prestige to conquer and awareness to build!

Don't panic – attend the 42plus1 pitch award

our jurors -
They know the DxPx Galaxy like the back of their hand

Proud to announce our
42PLUS1 Pitch Award Jury
more to come...

Dr. Bernd Goergen Partner at High-Tech Gründerfonds
Bernd Goergen
Partner, High-Tech Gründerfonds
Rainer Christine Partner at Earlybird Venture Capital
Rainer Christine
Partner, Earlybird Venture Capital
Wouter Meuleman
Wouter Meuleman
Partner, Illumina Ventures
Tom Miller

Founder & Managing Partner, Greybird Ventures

Sebastian Stamm

Principal, FluxUnit

Tobias Silberzahn

Partner, McKinsey & Company

Douwe Jippes

Founder & Managing Partner, Healthy Capital

Sascha Fritz

Investment Principal, Bosch

Dr. Jens Baas

Founder & CEO, Techniker Krankenkasse

Dr. Mirko Stange
Mirko Stange
Initator of DxPx, lino Biotech
Dirk Voelkel VP, Innovation at Cytiva
Dirk Voelkel
Vice President Innovation, Cytiva
Dr. André Zimmermann Partner at SHS Capital
André Zimmermann
Partner, SHS Capital
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The Roadmap through our galaxy.

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"So once you do know what the question actually is,
you’ll know what the answer means."

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