42 plus 1 Business development and innovation
  • A business has to be involving, it has to be fun, and it has to exercise your creative instincts.

    Richard Branson


    We are guides and hitchhikers. We help you with your questions and your answers. We support and helping you with your business innovation and development. Call us and let us help you..

    We are thinkers and doers

    Our approach is based on the integrated methods of Service Design and Design Thinking. We understand design as a problem solving process from the perspective of the respective user group. Our work spans accross the whole process: from identification of the right questions, the exploration of the user’s needs, the development of solutions to the implementation of ideas into practice. We design not just novel and future oriented service concepts, but we also test their acceptability and suitability for daily use by prototyping ideas in real life scenarios.

    Innovation is our routine

    Experiments are our order of the day; only through playing with the known can the new be discovered. Through experimental applications of design methods we can create a made to measure tools for every project requirement. These tools enable new perspectives and cutting edge results.

    We translate ideas

    Because we enable people to experience and understand our ideas, we can establish a real relevance for users and service providers. As idea translators, we use our visual and narrative abilities to make complex situations and service concepts accessible to all parties involved. That the project team as well as the decision makers are motivated, and participate in the development process is part and parcel of our work.

  • We design with and for people

    We use people’s behavior as a source of inspiration for novel, surprising, and yet user focussed solutions.

    With help from qualitative explorative methods, we dive deep into the world of emotions and issues of the user group. Which is how we can identify needs and understand behaviours and motivations. We place a lot of value on incorporating not just the user, but our clients as well right from the very beginning of the process. It is only in this way that we can guarantee a common understanding of the complex issues and solutions involved. Potential hindrances in the implementation can be eliminated by the early involvement of all interest groups. Because people are central to our work, we approach all project phases with particular sensitivity and empathy. We develop tools and solutions with a good understanding of the situation they are to be used in.