And this is why our team set up 42PLUS1. 🚀  

42PLUS1, the highest prized pitch award in the diagnostics, digital health, precision medicine and life science tools galaxy, takes place annually and is in its second year now!


The best platform to gain exposure:


The next step to achieving the goal of helping startups and growth companies gain access to funding is to build the highest prized pitch award in the galaxy of diagnostics, digital health, precision medicine, and life science tools – 42PLUS1. Starting in 2021, we host the grand finale of 42PLUS1 where the eight finalists pitch their innovations during the DxPx Conference.

Now, let’s get to know DxPx even more!  

DxPx Conference is an annual world series of industry and investor partnering conferences focusing on Diagnostics, Digital Health, Precision Medicine, and Life Science Tools. These four industries make up, what we call, the DxPx Galaxy! The race to funding in this galaxy can be tough because the startup galaxy is massive, and each planet poses huge challenges for the inhabitants. DxPx has one goal: to foster innovation and offer startups and growth companies an opportunity to connect with the most relevant investors and industry leaders.

The journey:

If you aim to achieve success in the DxPx Galaxy, 42PLUS1 can help. We take your startup on a journey through the DxPx Galaxy and provide the solutions to the challenges of today‘s founders - "funding and partnering with the right people". Therefore, DxPx Conference is organized annually to bring people together to match life science decision makers with numerous potential partners that will result in valuable business connections.

The plan:

42PLUS1 pitch award takes place during the DxPx Conference which makes it the best platform to gain exposure and highlight their innovation to the investors and industry leaders coming to this conference.  With 42PLUS1, we are constantly guiding startups and growth companies to have the biggest impact on the world and humanity.

The setting:

The DxPx Galaxy, while representing but a fraction of the whole startup universe paves the way to the most important and emerging innovations in the industry.  Therefore, we strive to guide and connect future leaders and innovators with the experienced & established industry professionals participating yearly in the DxPx Conference.

The execution:

We arrange the 42PLUS1 pitch award at this conference because aside from hearing the pitches live, it is a great opportunity for our dear startups and growth companies to meet and engage with the investors focusing on these four interrelated industries.

The jurors:

The well-curated jurors of the 42PLUS1 pitch award are also experts and executives from the four interrelated industries who are qualified to give feedback and input to the finalists.

We wish you the best in the upcoming 42PLUS1 pitch award this year! 

A picture is 1,000 words - and each video has 30 frames per second!

Meet the US 2021 finalists